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A Yoga Wellness Coach instructs and motivates their clients to change their habits for a better, healthier life by helping to create wellness goals and success strategies through Yoga techniques and philosophy. This is an opportunity to learn and cultivate Yoga off of the mat and incorporate it into all aspects of your life.


Coaching supports your wellness journey in an active way by encouraging you to both recognize and potentially shift your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. Through Yoga Wellness Coaching, you will be encouraged to explore all parts of your wellness journey and what contributes to supporting this, and what is causing deviation from this.


Your initial assessment includes some work prior to our meeting, a 75 minute one on one consultation, and concludes with a Yoga Coaching Plan that you can immediately put into action.


Most clients find that monthly or bi-weekly sessions are most helpful, especially in the beginning, as accountability and follow up is a big part of what coaching is. Having an action plan, but also space to explore and evaluate any challenges along the way, ensuring that you have the opportunity to stay on track with love, support and tons of encouragement.



- One 75 minute session is $110 + tax

- Discounted bundle of three x 60 minute follow up sessions $225 + tax or $95 + tax per session

* Flexible booking schedule available- days, evenings and weekends- please reach out to for booking availability and a free phone consultation to see if our Yoga Wellness Coaching program would be a good fit for you!



“I was quite hesitant to enroll in a coaching program… I had an idea of what a life coach was when looking into this, and my opinion of this work was not very high.  It was such a beautiful surprise to immediately feel that this program was designed with such care to be so much more than a restructuring of my schedule, habits and goals.  I was immediately impressed with the quality of my experience and the knowledge and professionalism put in by my coach. My time in this program has focused on defining all areas of both my wellness and illness, and has worked to acknowledge the shifts that I’m needing to make to live more vibrantly and whole-heartedly.  The core of all of the goals we have defined together has been in line with the foundational and authentic teachings of Yoga philosophy, and I am delighted in every session by Kelsey’s ability to challenge my thought patterns and encourage my curiosity to expand my world and personal views to be of a greater and clearer perspective.  She has supported me with such compassion and expertise, and I immediately began to feel my physical, emotional and spiritual self start to shift towards wellness since beginning this program.  I am so grateful I was brave enough to begin.”

- Ashley