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Yoga Instructor - 400 hr RYT

Having been given the opportunity as a military wife to live in different places all across Canada, Kelsey has had the gift of experiencing diverse teachings and perspectives from many people, instructors and different studios.  Finding herself in new communities, surrounded by strangers, her yoga practice has always felt like a space that she could belong. Completing her 200 hr yoga certification in Bali, through Shanti Yoga Halifax, she was influenced and surrounded by the loving Balinese culture and their dedication to practicing gratitude with open hearts.  She hopes to bring some of these teachings to Cape Breton, working with intention to create both a studio and regular classes that remind people of what it feels like to come home, to belong, to both yourself and to a loving community.  

Kelsey continued her yoga education, completing

  • 75 hr training with Eoin Finn, certified in the Somatics of Yoga

  • 50 hr training with Shanti Yoga Halifax, certified in Vinyasa Krama

  • 75 hr training with Eoin Finn, certified in Yogic by Nature (philosophy training)

Kelsey leads thoughtful and inclusive classes, encouraging students to challenge themselves while practicing honesty, openness, attention and self compassion.  From the bottom of her heart, she thanks all of her teachers, past, present and future. If we maintain an open mind and a curious nature, we will always learn from each other and continue to grow.  Every breath is an opportunity for a new beginning.


Yoga Instructor - 300hr RYT

Kat fell in love with yoga over 10 years ago and completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 in Fort McMurray, Alberta. She teaches full-time with Beginnings Yoga Studio, sharing a wide variety of styles, drawing from her high level of teaching experience. Recently becoming certified through MOGA, she has continued her education in both prenatal and postnatal yoga. Kat has also completed an additional 50 hr certification for Vinyasa Krama through Shanti Yoga Halifax.


Her classes provide a mixture of strengthening flows and restorative postures suitable for beginners or experienced yogis. In class, you will be encouraged to open the heart, find compassion, and bring the awareness inward to cultivate your own deeply personal practice.


Yoga Instructor - 200 hr RYT



Verna is trained as a 200 hr Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher through the Therapeutic Approach to Yoga studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick. 


She has been practicing yoga since 2009 and started teaching in 2013. Verna is passionate about developing yoga classes that are accessible to everyone while still providing some challenge and flavour. Yoga has taught her how to connect with herself, become more aware of the body and bring calmness to the mind. It has taught her to accept what is and be mindful of judgement. This practice has enriched her life both on and off the mat and she is thrilled to share this with her students.



Yoga Instructor - 200hr RYT

Valerie Dolhanty is a certified Yoga Instructor specializing in Hatha Yoga, with a passion for blending her teaching with chakra balancing.

Valerie is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, a Certified Reflexologist and is certified with the Mental Health Commission of Canada as a Working Mind Facilitator.  She also offers webinars specializing in mental health and well being. She is an advocate for the powerful healing potential of the human body through working with our natural life forces and energy.


Yoga Instructor - 200hr YTT



Molly’s journey into Yoga began nearly 15 years ago. Over the years, her practice and connection to Yoga grew deeper, and in 2015 she completed her 200-hour Foundational Teacher Training under the wise instruction of Yogacharya Vineeta Sharma. The quiet peace found in moving meditation is a gift she feels compelled to share with as many willing souls as possible. Her classes combine slow, focused flow of movement and breath, fostering a deep connection to the wisdom of the body, and gently quieting the mind.

Molly has taught at music festivals, corporate conferences, in private sessions, and group workshops. Her classes are very accessible to beginner Yoga practitioners, but also offer enough challenge for the advanced.


Yoga Instructor - 200hr RYT

Stephanie attended her first yoga class in 2008. She quickly fell in love with a practice that nourished the body both physically and mentally. 

Stephanie is a Mom to two sweet kids and a middle school teacher who loves incorporating yoga and mindfulness in her classroom. When Yoga 11 was developed and the opportunity to train with some of her fellow colleagues arose she jumped on the chance. 


Stephanie recently completed her 200 hr RYT certification through the Breathing Space in Sydney and her 15 hr Pregnancy and Postpartum yoga certification through the Therapeutic Yoga Approach Studio in Halifax.   She is passionate about expanding her knowledge and deepening her practice. 


Stephanie strives to create a balance between physical, mental and spiritual connections in her classes. She believes in an inclusive yoga practice that is accessible to all and pushes students to continuously grow.  Stephanie invites and encourages people from all walks of life onto their mats. 

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Yoga Instructor - 200hr YTT

Laura first started practicing yoga 12 years ago in Halifax and quickly fell in love with the benefits of the practice in her own life during a life transition. In 2012, she took the 200HR YTT to share this practice with others, which led to continuing with further studies in specific teacher trainings such as Restorative, Prenatal/Postpartum, Yin, Yoga for Anxiety and in Halifax & Toronto and a move to Cape Breton in 2017 where she’s taught many classes and workshops at local studios, gyms and private sessions around CBRM. Passionate about incorporating both the physical and spiritual components into each class and making it accessible whether you have an established practice or are looking to begin.  Laura encourages you to come as you are, and take what you need. She looks forward to guiding you through a practice at Beginnings Yoga Studio.

Yoga Instructor - 500hr RYT


Joyce Lively started her yogic journey in 2013 when she was preparing for a major operation and wanted to be more physically fit so she could recover faster.  The physical aspect of yoga was beneficial but she stayed with yoga for the mental and spiritual aspects. 


Joyce completed her YTT 200 and Yoga in Schools 200 with Breathing Space in Halifax and followed up with certifications in Yin Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, and Mindfulness in Schools.  In 2018 Joyce received her certification in Yoga Therapy(300hrs) from the Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science and Alternative Medicine in Rishikesh, India.  Most recently, Joyce has received her certification in Primordial Sound Meditation and Ayurvedic Health from the Chopra Center in California and is currently taking her Coaching certification which will make her a fully endorsed Chopra teacher.


Yoga is a quest for balance.  “I can’t imagine my life without yoga.  I only wish I had discovered it when I was younger.  It has inspired me to share my teachings with others and to continue to grow as a part of the cosmos.  Everything and everyone is connected. It’s our responsibility to be the best we can be.”


Yoga is Joyce’s new career having recently retired after 33yrs as a public school teacher where she shared her passion for music and yoga with her students.  

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Yoga Instructor - 200hr RYT

Anju has been a student and teacher of yoga for 25 years. Her journey began with studying Astanga yoga with Beryl Bender Birch and later, Vinyasa with Shiva Rea. She has also had the privilege of studying with world-renowned teachers at workshops and conferences. Anju continues to explore teachings and practices and allows her own practice to evolve and expand. Her teaching style is grounded in simple yet effective alignment cues that allow her students to find their own experience of asana and their own intention and meaning in their practice. She is excited to share her Chakra Flow practice which marries asana, mudra, mantra, and (hopefully) joy to facilitate a personal experience of our energy centers. 

Josh's Photo.jpeg


Yoga Instructor - 500 RYT

Joshua (he/him) originally comes from beautiful Cape Breton Island, where his love of sweat and movement began when he started dancing. When Joshua graduated and started to take dance more seriously, he began to use yoga to cross-train. After completely falling in love with the practice, Joshua completed his 200HR YTT with powerhouse trainer Chrissy Carter at YogaWorks NYC in 2019. A studio and prestigious program founded, created, and curated by Maty Ezraty herself. 


Since then, Joshua has completed an 80HR Mentorship Program at Halifax Yoga with Amanda Maceachern, Angela Day, and Kari Morgan, as well as a 25HR Yin program with Kari. After learning so much from the incredible faculty and finding a deep home feeling at Halifax Yoga, this is where Joshua is currently obtaining his advanced 500HR YTT. 


Joshua is also gaining a deeper understanding of the human body by completing a Nursing degree at Cape Breton University. Joshua is a very well-rounded yoga teacher and describes his teaching style as “soft fire”—as he can be either or both at the same time. In Joshua’s class, you can expect a very safe and inclusive environment to work towards active strength, stability, flexibility, and balance. You can also expect to have some time to check in with yourself, practice self-awareness and compassion, and work toward clarity—in all the ways. Joshua’s love of learning, sharing, and connecting makes him a force in this field and he would love to practice with you!



Yoga Instructor - 200hr RYT

Stacey began her yoga journey about 10 years ago and over the past few years have deepened her spiritual connection to yoga through meditation, working with the chakras and the moon cycle.  She obtained her 200hr certified yoga teacher training through Full Circle Yoga Studio in Cocoa Beach, Florida and is currently working through other yoga trainings with YogaFit Canada and soon becoming an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach.  Always on a quest to expand her knowledge, she recently dabbled in self-study of astrology, the tarot and holistic medicine.  She became a certified moonologist last year under Yasmin Boland who defines moonology as “where astrology meets the moon and conscious creation”.  Stacey strives to live a holistic lifestyle while also being in sync with the moon cycle and loves connecting her yoga practice with the energies of the moon.

Beverly .jpeg


Yoga Instructor - 200hr RYT

Beverly’s journey home to the Atlantic twenty years ago sparked her yoga and fitness path illuminating a passion for movement and helping others. Inspired by the peace and energy of a yoga enthusiast, in a chance meeting, Bev was drawn into the practice of Yoga.

“I wanted to share this feeling I had inside, it wasn’t enough to just talk about it, I needed to do more to help bring these feelings of joy and peace to others”.

Beverly completed her 200 hr YTT training in 2012 and opened a small fitness studio as a vehicle for her passion. Bev's training expanded to include nutrition with the Cooper Institute, Bellyfit instruction and posture adjustment. As doors have opened and closed in the years past, yoga always remained a constant. Yoga has always pulled Bev forward realizing the fulfillment teaching brings. See you on the mat!



Yoga Instructor - 200hr RYT

Joline is born and raised in CB, and from a young age, Joline has had a love of fitness and helping others. From a very shy new instructor of spin class over 20 years ago, she’s developed into a confident and strong leader in fitness.

Her fitness journey started off with taking the basic theory component at the YMCA and instructing spin classes to group power and group kick training through body training systems. She then went on to receive her Can Fit Pro certification and then Piyo training. Joline has a wide range of experience and knowledge from teaching at many local facilities over the span of 20 plus years.

In 2014, she competed in a bikini fitness competition and placed 3rd in her category and 4th overall.

"Fitness has been my passion since my early 20's and as I have matured and learned to grow from all of what life has given, I realized how important it is as we age and evolve to keep fitness and health on top of our minds and how life saving it is for our mental health.

I look forward to joining you on our mats to work on some strength components which will benefit your yoga practice!”

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