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New to yoga? 


Unsure of what to expect and maybe even a little intimidated?  Let us start by emphasizing that yoga is for EVERYONE. We welcome all genders, religions, sexual orientations, ages, abilities and body types with open arms. You do not need to be strong, flexible, or any particular label to practice yoga.  That deep breath you took before stepping through our door? This is yoga.  You’ve already begun.


Beginning anything takes a little bit of bravery, but that awkward uncomfortable feeling it can come with- that’s the feeling of personal growth! 


Please know that we understand and are honoured that you’re considering our studio to be a part of this new chapter. Beginnings are our specialty, with a mission to ensure that everyone who steps through our door feels both comfortable and inspired.  



What to Expect in MY FIRST CLASS...

How do I register?  Although you can register on our website, the app is much more user-friendly and is what we recommend. You can download the MINDBODY app, create a profile and book through our software, choosing your class time, style and payment option.  Our schedule fluctuates week to week with special offers and pop-up classes, and this keeps you updated on our offerings in real-time.  You can also call or email the studio to book, ask questions or inquire about beginning with us at (902) 270-5520 or


How will we begin?  You will be greeted by your instructor upon arrival and shown where to set up your mat in the studio space, all spaces are marked, taking the guesswork out of wondering where you should go.  You can relax in the studio space until time for class to begin- laying down, seated, even upside down if you choose- you do you!  Please be mindful that the time before class begins and after it finishes is a sacred, quiet space, so please keep conversations for the front area or class discussion time. 


Do I need to bring a yoga mat? Yes, please bring your own yoga mat. We sell high-quality BMATs ($60-$90 + tax dependent on the size) and we rent these as well for $4 + tax per use. 


Do I need to bring props?  We offer blocks, yoga blankets, bolsters, and straps to our students, please help yourself to our prop wall to anything you may be needing to support your practice.  We also have many of these items for sale in our retail space should you prefer to have your own.


Is there a place to change? Yes, our facility has one all-gender bathroom and one all-gender change space.


Can I wear perfume to practice?  No, we are a fragrance-free space and have many members who are highly sensitive to chemicals.  Please support the wellness of our community by ensuring you are fragrance-free when attending a practice.


Where can I keep my stuff and is it safe? We provide open storage for personal items in our coat and change room area and lock the studio door during class.  We ask that you leave your personal items in this space, and if this does not feel comfortable for you, please leave them in your car or at home, we kindly request you do not bring your purses, coats, etc into our studio room.


Do I need a water bottle? Yes, bring water with you, and be sure to hydrate before coming to class.


Should I eat before yoga? Eat a small meal or snack 2 hours before practice so you have time to digest. Yoga on a full stomach does not feel good.


What should I wear? Wear clean, comfortable clothing. Be sure you can move in it but that it is not so loose as to get in the way of your movement.


Can I come if I have a minor injury or am healing from one? Yes, yoga can still be accessible, and helpful, when healing from injuries. Please seek medical care in advance and advise your health care provider of your intention to practice.  They can be specific as to what movements to avoid. Being aware of your limitations from a medical professional is essential to safely attend a class, so please ensure you have done so.  It is a requirement to agree to our liability waiver upon sign-up, which ensures you are in agreement that practicing is a safe choice for you and your body. Always take the practice at your own pace and level, and never do anything that is painful.  


Can I come if I am Pregnant or Post-Partum? Yes, we do recommend signing up for our prenatal and postnatal sessions to learn modifications for your body, where we will share a sequence that is intentionally mindful of this.  If you are attending a regular class, please notify the teacher when you arrive so you can discuss modifications and any concerns before class begins.


Is there parking? Yes, there is the parking lot outside of the studio, along the road of its entrance, and paid parking along George St. on busier days when there may be an event at Centre 200.  You can typically find parking within a few minutes walk to the studio.


When should I arrive? Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to give yourself time to sign in, change if needed, get water, use the bathroom and settle in for practice. When you arrive, please leave shoes and personal belongings in our coat and the change room to the left. A reminder that we lock our doors when we begin teaching, and therefore cannot accommodate late arrivals.