At Beginnings Yoga Studio, we embrace the eight limbs of yoga in both our work and within ourselves.  We value belonging, compassion, community, growth, gratitude, healing and joy- and we practice these values on and off of our mats.  


We embody the value of community by bringing people of Sydney, Cape Breton together, into a space of belonging.  We welcome all genders, religions, sexual orientations, ages, abilities and body types with open arms. We encourage you to practice yoga and to honour your unique body- the one you’re in today.  We do so by offering support, guidance and adaptations to ensure your practice is safe and comfortable throughout your yoga journey. We offer this whole-heartedly with compassion, kindness and love.

We welcome you to stay after class in our cozy connection area where you can enjoy complimentary coffee or tea, socialize with instructors and friends, new or old.  We strive to be a space that creates relationships, with both each other and more deeply with yourself.

We take pride in the welcoming atmosphere we’ve created for students that are just beginning their yoga practice, after all, Beginnings are what we’re all about.  CLICK HERE for more information on how we can help you begin. 

Being military family-owned, we are closely connected to the hardships of military life and have a mission to offer no cost yoga to serving members, veterans, spouses and military children.  CLICK HERE for more information on our COMMUNITY PROGRAMS.


Yoga has a transformative power.  We work to actively and intentionally help you plant the seeds for gratitude, healing, awareness, self reflection, authenticity and radical self love.  We begin from the ground up, bringing you back to your roots, honouring the effort and dedication it takes to bloom, again and again. It’s a never ending process of personal growth and self discovery.


As much as yoga is a serious pursuit requiring incredible discipline, it is a joyful one.  Yoga is so much more than the poses and the movement of our bodies, it’s something we become, it’s something we inherently are.  We are your neighbour, your family, your friend. We are you, working to live, breathe and thrive. If we can find moments of joy, surprise and laughter through this together, that’s where a beautiful connection begins.  One breath at a time.