Our logo is a dandelion, intentionally chosen to represent the military child. 

The flower itself is a symbol for life, reminding us of all that we have and all that we wish for.  As children, we squinted our eyes, dug deep into our souls for our heart’s desires and blew our dandelion stem with all of our might.  Our wishes may or may not have come true, but this action of breath moved the seeds of this beautiful plant with love and created new life. 


The dandelion survived, planted its roots and grew strong. We continue to make this wish for our military children through postings and deployments, that they will too be moved by our force and grow strong and resilient from it. 


Our studio is also a reflection of this, of blowing a wish across the country with a new military posting and blooming where the wind has carried us. Military life has shaped our family and our story.  It has come with many hardships and challenges, giving us the utmost compassion for others within this community. 


In creating Beginnings Yoga Studio, this was the symbolism behind our company design.  


As time and seasons passed since opening, we’ve come full circle through two years of operating, during the most challenging of times.  Reflecting on our studio’s beginning, this dandelion has become so much more to us.  When we see this incredible flower, no longer do we only think of the military child, we think of you.  Your beginning with us.  Your bravery.  Your journey through the changes this wild year has brought us, and still, you grew.


Notice how there are fields of dandelions everywhere.  Where one grows strong, another is sure to follow.  Embracing, exploring, expanding.  One miracle after another created from another’s survival.


Embrace connection.

Explore your truth.

Expand your heart.


The foundational value of this studio is undoubtedly connection.  This is our heart.  This is our truth.  We are here because of the love created and shared by you in vibrant, powerful and profound ways.  


We embody the value of connection by bringing people of Cape Breton together, into a space of belonging.  We welcome all genders, religions, sexual orientations, ages, abilities and body types with open arms. We encourage you to practice yoga and to honour your unique body- the one you’re in today.  We do so by offering support, guidance and adaptations to ensure your practice is safe and comfortable throughout your yoga journey. We do so by offering classes that go deeper than the physical postures, with teachings that inspire curiosity, wonder and awareness of our innermost being. We offer this whole-heartedly with compassion, kindness and love.


Our practice does not end within the four walls of this space, or the walls of your physical body- this is only the beginning.  Our mission is for you to live from a place of connection- connection to body, to nature, to your community, to your higher purpose, to your spirit.  Our mission is for you to connect to peace.  Our mission is to remind you of joy. Our mission is to inspire you to live with love.

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